Thursday, October 20, 2016


I plan, through my research, to explore the genre of memes depicting the disdain by the contemporary American population =, of the idea that religion and politics should be integrated together. The inclusion of religion in government and politics can be seen at all levels, and many times religion is used as a tactic by politicians to sway people into supporting them. Through this research I hope to find out such things as whether or not the left and right hold the same values regarding religion's place in politics, what the major examples of religion interfering with politics are, and how those cases are represented in meme culture, and what images are used most when these memes are created and why that would be significant. This topic interests me because the issue of religious interference in politics is a growing issue in America, despite the inclusion of  "separation of church and state" in our national constitution under the first amendment, and it can be something that people feel very strongly about., including myself.

Example 1                                                                   Example 2

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