Friday, October 21, 2016

Blog 2

For this post, I will be focusing more on the lived religion aspect of my topic about the relationship between religion and politics, more specifically how the public views that relationship. My case study really doesn't focus on any one religion in particular, however in American politics, in general, Christianity seems to be the most prevalent. Although sometimes other religions can make a presence, for example, in this election year, of of the top candidates was Bernie Sanders, a Jewish man. While the Jewish faith is atypical for a presidential candidate, I think he represented a significant portion of the American population. Although my research doesn't focus on one specific group or sect outright, it tends to be people of more radical belief systems who care enough about religion and politics to create something like a meme to get there point across. The meme culture focused around my topic tends to be more on the sarcastic/satire end of the spectrum, while keeping to the notion that religion and politics don't belong together in politics due to the fact that religion is often used as a re-election technique. As I stated before, while my research of this topic isn't focused on one religion over another, most examples of religion interfering with politics deal with Christianity
and how Christianity is used in political operations.

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