Thursday, November 10, 2016

Blog 3

My case study, the disdain of the combination of religion with politics is inherently connected to issues within the community both offline and online. Obviously through the memes provided, the connection is deep within the online community. I think this is because the internet provides an avenue for people to become disconnected with society and culture, and the rules that come with them. When someone goes online and posts something that is in line with their opinion, in this case the interdependent relationship of religion and politics, there isn’t anyone present physically to actually know the identity of the poster, therefore eliminating the threat of shaming or social consequence. Because of this, it seems people feel a sense of freedom to explore their most controversial aspects of their [personality and purvey that through the online context. When physically in presence of other people, someone who otherwise would be free to voice whatever argument they want, usually is more reserved, especially in this case. Questioning religions place in society is taboo in this culture, but under the veil of internet anonymity, nothing is taboo and the vulgarity and boldness of the masses of related memes is an indicator of that.

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